Great power competition : the changing landscape of global geopolitics
Great power competition : the changing landscape of global geopolitics
-- Changing landscape of global geopolitics
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"This anthology continues the discussion and analysis begun in the acclaimed 2017 Cultural Perspectives, Geopolitics, & Energy Security of Eurasia: Is the Next Global Conflict Imminent? Similarly, Great Power Competition brings together distinguished nationally and internationally known scholars in their respective areas to discuss how emerging global and regional powers are trying to expand their influences in different regions of the world. The scholars, who bring a combination of academic and first-hand practical expertise, examine how the actions of adversaries have challenged the US national security and defense strategies, especially in the changing homeland security landscape in light of COVID-19 and recent societal unrest. Based on careful review of global and regional literature and thorough analysis, the research by this group of knowledgeable authors indicates that America's position cannot be taken for granted. The world is approaching a very sensitive historical juncture with multiple regional and global conflicting interests. The emerging situation raises several questions: how will the global security architecture be structured in the next five to ten years, what role will the United States play in that environment, and, finally, will we witness another major global conflict, possibly one disastrous for mankind?"-- Provided by publisher.
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