CBRN and HAZMAT incidents at major public events : planning and response
CBRN and HAZMAT incidents at major public events : planning and response
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"There are many available books on CBRN response and HAZMAT as well as a few books on security for major events; however, there are none that overlap. When planning for the safety and security of major high-profile events, whether they be sporting events (e.g. Olympics), public ceremonies (Royal weddings, state funerals, inaugurations), or similar large gatherings there need to be proper plans, tactics, techniques, and procedures for planning and responding to any potential hazard. The book explains how to prepare for and how to react to accidental and deliberate situations involving CBRN threat materials at a major public event. The book explains why the major event environment is different and why this category of threats poses a higher level of challenge. The book then shifts from preparedness to response to incidents. The book describes a number of practices, techniques, and processes that may be useful for responding to such incidents. The final part of the book contains a number of self-contained scenarios, which are useful both as instructional materials in their own right. But they are also useful, on a stand-alone basis, as the underlying basis for training exercises, both on a table-top basis and in actual field exercises. Throughout the book, technical concepts are explained so that even non-specialists in the emergency response disciplines can follow Based on the authors significant feedback from readers of the first edition, many changes have been made. The major change is that the book incorporates lessons learned from major events that have occurred since publication of the first edition. In each chapter some particular "lesson learned" or "best practice" from recent events are included. Where necessary and relevant, update the text to make reference to technological developments since 2012 while outdated or unnecessary material has been removed"-- Provided by publisher.
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